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Something you don’t need to know about Mark Pricey

I have discovered portraiture photography very recently and yet have not found my personal style. That means I make lots of mistakes and most of the time I face poor consistency, as you can see through my works. On the other side I’m yet free to experiment and to fail. If you want to fail with me give me a shout!

I have a profound admiration for the female body as it’s powerfully emotional. I like sensuality but am interested to explore all different ways of communicating through the body language and the gaze.

I’m looking for the unexpected, the provocative, the outrageous, of course sometimes I’ll be also trivial and obvious but that’s part of the road.


If you want to know more about me, I’m an undercover Mad Man (copywriter for advertising) and a wanderlust traveler, I’m Italian and my birth name is Marco Carucci.


+39 339 4922246

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